Classic Cryo begins with…

Employing timeless principles while honoring the laws of nature, we seek to bring light into the darkness. By identifying the pertinent phenomena and appreciating their effects, an elegant solution can be imagined, pursued, and then achieved. 

Pursue forward


Identifying and prioritizing

modes of heat transfer

It’s important to identify and prioritize the modes of heat transfer at each location in the system. Such as appreciating that radiation, driven by T4, often dominates heat transfer from 300 K surfaces, thereby relegating conduction to a minor concern.


Selecting the correct

material properties

Materials have unique characteristics, and consequently offer distinct advantages and usefulness in different settings and situations.


Designing the appropriate

joining methodology

Because employing dissimilar materials can yield a superb design, and because of extreme swings in temperatures, reliable joining methodologies are crucial.


Iteratively exercising

refinement and optimization

To meet design specifications, including performance, reliability, and costing targets, trade-offs must be made. Just like choosing gold for all conductors would be overkill and impractical, likewise, many other components require judicious decision-making, thereby striking a balance between theoretical ideals and real-world pragmatism.


Synthesizing system


Real design elegance manifests in the manner in which all aspects of the system are integrated into a harmonious system.

Creating a new reality.