Charlie Danaher

President and Founder of Danaher Cryogenics

Charlie holds degrees in B.S. degrees in Physics from Maharishi International University and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla. After working in several different industries (including exercise equipment, disc-drive, and life-support medical equipment), in 1998 Charlie began working in Cryogenics with Glen McIntosh at Cryogenic Technical Services.

For 20 years Charlie worked at HPD and led the development of a family of cryostats, including a DR, ADRs, and 3 K Probe Station systems.

Partnering with several other technical experts, Charlie co-authored a textbook, Cryogenic Engineering and Technologies – Principles and Applications of Cryogen-Free Systems, released in 2020.

Charlie has authored several articles in Cold Facts Magazine, covering cryogenic systems and techniques.

In 2022 Charlie founded Danaher Cryogenics to team up with other like-minded individuals with the goal of addressing the growing need for elegant cryogenic solutions.

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