Awesome Danaher Cryo News

Danaher Cryo at CEC 2023 in Honolulu, July 9-13

Stop by our booth at the Cryogenic Engineering Conference in Honolulu to chat about Danaher Cryo’s exciting projects and preview our new software, Horsepower!

We’ve moved offices!

If you’re near Boulder, Colorado, feel free to stop by our office at 4699 Nautilus Ct S, office number 204.

High-performance pulse tube cryocooler now in development

Danaher Cryo is exclusively partnering with NIST to commercially develop the cryogenic industry’s most advanced, high-performance pulse tube cryocooler to date.

Danaher Cryo, Leiden Cryogenics, Chase Research Cryogenics partnership

Danaher Cryo announces industry partnerships

Danaher Cryo is partnering with Chase Research Cryogenics & Leiden Cryogenics to pursue the next generation of cool in cryogenics.