Danaher Cryogenics celebrates successful installation of first Pony Cryostat at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)!

Feb 22, 2024 | General Danaher Cryo News

We’ve achieved another milestone: our first Danaher Cryo system installation.
The Pony cryostat provides continuous sub-Kelvin cooling, has a large experimental space, and is convenient to open and close.
The primary purpose of the Danaher Cryostat at Argonne National Laboratory will be to test and characterize superconducting nanowire particle detectors, mostly focusing on nuclear physics applications. More specifically, due to the cryostat’s large experimental space, the system will be used to test full wafers (prior to dicing), to gather statistics on the array of chips present. Subsequently, the wafer will be diced and the selected chips will be used for experiments on a beamline.

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