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The fully integrated Colt 1 K one-shot cryostat

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1 K one-shot cryostat

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The legendary Chase GL4 one-shot sorption cooler

The ready-to-cool Colt cryostat is fully integrated with Chase Research Cryogenics’ cutting-edge GL4 sorption cooler so cryo scientists can cool to below 1 K. Ready. Set. Cool.

*DR model illustrated

Ready. Set. Cool.

1 K One-Shot Colt Cryostat Features:

30 hours hold time at 900 mK
with 100 µW load

Integrated with the
Chase GL4 Cooler

850 mK
base temperature


Compare One-Shot Cooling Models

30 hours hold timeat900 mk with 100 µW load

Precise specs:

  • 850 mK base temperature
  • Chase GL4 Cooler inside
  • One-button cooldown

100 µWat400 mK

250 µWat450 mK

Precise specs:

  • 300 mK base temperature
  • Chase GL7 Cooler inside
  • One-button cooldown

2 µWat250 mK

10 µWat300 mK

Precise specs:

  • 200 mK base temperature
  • Chase GL 10 Cooler inside
  • One-button cooldown

Compare Chase Sorption Cooler Performance

Chase CC4 Performance Graph

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