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The fully integrated Bronco 300 mK continuous cryostat

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300 mK continuous cryostat

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The legendary Chase CC7 continuous cooler

The ready-to-cool Bronco cryostat is fully integrated with Chase Research Cryogenics’ cutting-edge CC7 sorption cooler so cryo scientists can cool to below 300 mK. Cool down and ride with Danaher Cryo’s Bronco.

Chase CC7 Cooler Performance Curve

*DR model illustrated

Cool down and ride

300 mK Continuous Bronco Cryostat Features:

100 µW at 400 mK
250 µW at 450 mK

Integrated with the
Chase CC7 Cooler

300 mK
base temperature


Compare Continuous Cooling Models

100 µWat400 mK

250 µWat450 mK

Precise specs:

  • 300 mK base temperature
  • Chase CC7 Cooler inside
  • One-button cooldown

2 µWat100 mK

10 µWat200 mK

Precise specs:

  • 75 mK base temperature
  • Chase CMD Cooler inside
  • One-button cooldown

400 µWat1 K

1 mWat1.3 K

Precise specs:

  • 825 mK base temperature
  • Chase CC4 Cooler inside
  • One-button cooldown

Compare Chase Cooler Performance

Chase CC4 Performance Graph

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